Musician Trades Day Job for Free World Travels on a Cruise Ship

Nolan was originally a plumber before deciding to join a band as guitarist.  (SWNS)

Jack Nolan, a 33-year-old musician from Exeter, England, made a life-changing decision in 2016. Tired of his routine plumbing job, he decided to follow his passion for music. Eight years later, Nolan finds himself traveling the world on a cruise ship, experiencing diverse cultures and breathtaking sights—all for free.

After spending years in plumbing shops, Nolan felt burned out and needed a change. His opportunity came when a friend asked if he knew a guitarist for a band he was forming. Nolan eagerly accepted, and they recorded a promo video that landed their first gig on a ferry in 2016.

From Plumber to Cruise Ship Musician

The ferry gig was a turning point. The band soon secured their first cruise ship contract, launching Nolan’s new adventure. Excited by the prospect of visiting exotic locations like the Caribbean, Nolan embraced his new career path wholeheartedly.

Today, Nolan is a musician aboard the Virgin Voyages cruise line. He enjoys the best of both worlds: seeing the world by day and performing by night. His monthly salary of $4,000 might not seem substantial, but with no rent, bills, or food expenses, it’s a great way to save money.

Living on a cruise ship offers unique perks. Nolan has visited remarkable destinations, including the Acropolis in Greece, the Colosseum in Rome, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Hobbiton in New Zealand, and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. The ability to explore different countries every week makes his job incredibly fulfilling.

“Not many jobs let you travel the world and get paid,” Nolan told Fox News Digital. “Cruise ships can take you to 3-4 different countries in a week.”

Exploring the World One Port at a Time

Nolan’s lifestyle allows him to wake up in a new country almost every day. “Today, we are in Palma, Mallorca; tomorrow, we could be in France,” he said. This constant change of scenery is one of the most exciting aspects of his job.

Despite the small living quarters and tight-knit community aboard the ship, Nolan finds the experience enriching. “Even though we’re older than college students, it gives that same vibe because we have these small rooms and we are next door to each other.”

While he loves his current life, Nolan admits he misses his family and friends. He hopes to return to land eventually, but for now, he’s making the most of his unique career. “I’ve met the most incredible people from all over the globe,” he said. “I have learned so much from them and probably have a place to stay on any continent around the world.”

Nolan’s story is a testament to the rewards of pursuing one’s passion. Trading a mundane job for an adventurous career on the high seas has allowed him to see the world and save money simultaneously. For those considering a similar path, Nolan’s journey proves that with courage and a bit of risk, the world truly can be your oyster.

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