Puberty Blockers: NHS England Halts Routine Prescription

Puberty Blockers:Part-II

Landmark Decision: 

NHS England ceases routine puberty blocker prescriptions.

Safety Concerns: 

Lack of evidence prompts halt to routine prescriptions.

Limited Availability: 

Puberty blockers now restricted to research trials.

Review Findings: 

Interim report identifies gaps in evidence and care model.

Rising Referrals: 

Sharp increase in referrals prompts scrutiny of gender services.

Continued Treatment: 

Fewer than 100 youths currently on NHS puberty blockers.

Public Consultation:

Over 4,000 responses shape policy on gender services.

Safety Priority: 

Decision prioritizes children's safety and wellbeing.

Polarized Debate: 

Consultation reveals differing views on accessibility.

Future Studies: 

NHS England plans study on puberty blockers by December 2024.

This is Part-II

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