Foodie Cruise Set to Sail from Florida in 2025

On this cruise you can meet, learn from, and dine with some big names in the culinary world. Any Food Network lover would love this experience. Some chefs joining you on your voyage include: Richard Blais, Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Robert Irvine, Antonia Lofaso, Geoffrey Zakarian, and many more!

Calling all foodies and Food Network lovers! A new foodie cruise is set to make waves in 2025, promising an unparalleled dining experience on the high seas. Cruises like Royal Caribbean and Virgin Voyages are celebrated for their gourmet offerings, but this upcoming cruise takes it a step further by featuring world-renowned chefs every night.

Chefs Making Waves Cruise

The Chefs Making Waves cruise will sail from May 5-9, 2025, departing from Miami to Cozumel aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line. This cruise offers much more than just delicious food. Passengers will enjoy live demonstrations, curated dining events, themed parties, wellness activities, autograph sessions, and more.

What to Expect on the Cruise

Guests will have the unique opportunity to meet, learn from, and dine with some of the biggest names in the culinary world. Notable chefs joining the voyage include Richard Blais, Maneet Chauhan, Scott Conant, Robert Irvine, Antonia Lofaso, Geoffrey Zakarian, and many others. Each evening, celebrity chefs will take over the onboard restaurants, offering specially curated menus with various course options.

Pricing and Value

As with most themed cruises, the cost can be high, but flexible payment plans are available. The total cost for two guests in an interior room (if paid in full) is approximately $3,400. Considering the exclusive dining experiences and the chance to interact with multiple celebrity chefs over four nights, it’s a worthwhile investment for any food enthusiast. Click here for all pricing plans.

Jen’s Background

Jen Glorioso, a Tampa Bay native, has been with Beasley Media Group since 2022. In her free time, she enjoys attending Tampa Bay Lightning games, visiting local breweries, or relaxing at the beach. Check out Jen’s other content on top-rated restaurants and bars in Tampa, local events, and upcoming concerts.

Tampa’s Culinary Scene on the Food Network

Tampa is often underestimated as a foodie destination, but its diverse culinary scene tells a different story. Several Tampa chefs have competed on popular Food Network shows such as Chopped and Guy’s Grocery Games. These shows have frequently highlighted Tampa’s vibrant food culture, with episodes filmed for series like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Man vs. Food Nation, and FoodNation with Bobby Flay. Jen is currently enjoying the latest episodes of Wildcard Kitchen and 24 in 24: Last Chef Standing.

Notable Tampa Chefs on Food Network

Many Tampa chefs have gained national attention through their Food Network appearances. For example, 13-year-old Virann Welbourn won Chopped Jr. in 2019, taking home a $10,000 prize. Tampa also recently made headlines when six local restaurants were added to the Michelin Guide in 2024, including Supernatural Food & Wine, Predalina, Streetlight Taco, The Pearl, Ebbe, and Kōsen. In 2022, Tampa’s first Michelin stars were awarded to Rocca, Koya, and Lilac.

Local Culinary Talent

Johnathan Rodriguez, Chef at Sal Y Mar, competed on Season 6 of Supermarket Stakeout. Chef Jada Vidal, Sous Chef at Noble Rice, has won multiple Food Network competitions, including Chopped and Guy’s Grocery Games. Ronicca Whaley, owner of Shiso Crispy, and Brenda Villacorta, owner of Sucré Table, have also showcased their talents on various Food Network shows.

Are you a Food Network fanatic? Know any Tampa chefs who have competed on the shows we missed? Feel free to shout them out on social media!

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