“U.S. Issues Urgent ‘Do Not Travel’ Warning for Venezuela – Stay Informed and Safe!”

The U.S. is strongly advising against travel to Venezuela, a once-popular destination in South America.

In its reissued level 4 warning, the State Department highlights severe threats including rampant crime, civil unrest, kidnappings, arbitrary law enforcement, wrongful detentions, terrorism, and poor health infrastructure.

Violent crime in Venezuela has surged, with homicides, armed robberies, kidnappings, and carjackings becoming alarmingly frequent. Political rallies and demonstrations erupt with little notice, often met with harsh, sometimes violent government responses. President Nicolás Maduro’s regime has not hesitated to deploy tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets against protesters. The country is also plagued by shortages of gasoline, electricity, water, medicine, and medical supplies.

Terrorist groups are active along Venezuela’s borders with Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana.

In 2022, approximately 215,000 Americans visited Venezuela. This figure is a sharp decline from a decade ago when over 815,000 Americans traveled there annually. The numbers have dropped significantly since 2019, following the U.S. withdrawal of all diplomatic personnel from its embassy in Caracas and the suspension of all consular services. U.S. citizens currently in Venezuela are urged to leave immediately.

The warnings for those considering travel to Venezuela are stark. Visitors are advised to establish a communication plan with family or employers, including a “proof of life” protocol in case of kidnapping, to ensure loved ones know the specific questions and answers to ask captors. Additionally, travelers should draft a will, and designate insurance beneficiaries and power of attorney.

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