Kevin Bacon Reflects on Early Fame and Offers Advice to Rising Stars

Kevin Bacon, who appears in the ’80s-Hollywood slasher ‘Maxxxine,’ looks back on his early fame: ‘I didn’t really enjoy it, honestly’

Kevin Bacon, known for his diverse acting career, plays a jaded private detective in the ’80s Hollywood slasher film “Maxxxine,” the third installment in Ti West’s X film series. Reflecting on his rise to fame in the 1980s, Bacon candidly shared his experiences and offered advice to up-and-coming stars in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

Early Fame and Personal Reflections

Bacon’s journey to stardom wasn’t all glamorous. He recalls working tirelessly to achieve fame only to find the reality less enjoyable than he had imagined. “I didn’t really enjoy it, honestly. I worked so hard to be famous. When I got it, I was like, ‘Oh shit, I don’t think I like this.’ I didn’t like doing photo sessions or being interrupted, and it was stupid,” he said. He urged new stars to savor their success: “Enjoy it. Ride the wave.”

Role in “Maxxxine”

In “Maxxxine,” Bacon portrays a smarmy private detective familiar with Hollywood’s harsh realities, where many hopeful talents leave disillusioned. The movie, set in 1985, centers on Maxine Minx, an adult film star struggling to break into mainstream fame while haunted by her past and targeted by a serial killer.

The X Film Series and Themes

Ti West, who wrote and directed all three films in the X series, chose the 1980s setting for “Maxxxine” to explore the era’s debates on media content. “There was a real debate that went all the way to Congress about whether it should be OK for music to say certain things, or if movies should be able to be violent and things like that,” West explained. This thematic exploration is integral to the film.

The Cast and Their Insights

The film features veteran actors like Bacon and newcomers like Moses Sumney, who makes his feature film debut. Sumney appreciated West’s boundary-pushing themes and joked about how it would upset his parents. Giancarlo Esposito, encouraged by his daughters, plays a Hollywood agent in the film and reminisced about the freedom actors had in the ’80s compared to today.

The End of the Trilogy

West expressed mixed feelings about concluding the X trilogy, noting fans’ strong connection to the ambition and fearlessness of the protagonist, Maxine Minx. He emphasized the relatable nature of the quest for fame depicted in the movies.

As he looks ahead, West remains secretive about his future projects, enjoying the mystery and anticipation that have surrounded the X series. “I’ve enjoyed keeping things … more of a mystery. I’m going to keep rolling with that,” he said.

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