Brooke Burke’s Fitness Revelation for Women Over 50: Embrace Heavy Weights

Brooke Burke urges women over 50 to add 1 thing to workout routine: ‘No one prepared us’

Brooke Burke is urging women over 50 to embrace a new workout routine: heavy weights. As she approaches her 53rd birthday in September, Burke shared her fitness insights with Fox News Digital, highlighting how compound exercises and heavy weights have transformed her regimen.

“This stage of my life as a woman, Mother Nature is just dishing out challenge after challenge for us,” Burke revealed, discussing the unique fitness needs of women in their 50s. Despite common fears, Burke emphasizes that lifting heavy weights won’t lead to a bulky physique.

Weight Training Benefits

Burke, who has battled three autoimmune diseases, understands the importance of maintaining physical strength. She believes weight training is essential for bone density, hormone balance, and overall health. “It’s bone health, osteoporosis. It shifts your hormones. It kicks up your metabolism. It creates strength,” she said, encouraging women to incorporate weights into their routines.

Burke’s personal journey with weights started with her “booty burn” programs, aimed at building glute muscles. Now, she incorporates heavier weights, like 10-pound dumbbells, into her regular workouts. This change has helped her maintain lean muscle and feel stronger.

“I want to speak to this quickly because most women are afraid of heavy weights. And there’s this myth attached to it that we’re going to get bulky. Not true,” Burke asserted, debunking common misconceptions.

Eating for Energy and Strength

In addition to her workout routine, Burke has also revamped her diet to support her fitness goals. She advocates for eating nutrient-dense foods and increasing protein intake. “I’m eating more. I’m leaner, I’m stronger, and I’m more satisfied. And I have more energy,” she shared.

Burke also addressed the trend of restrictive diets, cautioning against depriving the body of necessary nutrients. “I feel like we are in a phase in our country of a quick fix. And that fad diet and shocking the system and so much discipline that we’re not enjoying our life,” she explained. Instead, she focuses on fueling her body with good fats, proteins, and nutrient-rich foods.

Her approach to food is practical and enjoyable. “There are so many calories in my smoothie, but here’s the difference. It’s nutrient dense. It’s loaded with good fats. I’m fueling my brain. I’m feeding my body. I’m energizing my whole system,” Burke said, highlighting the importance of eating well rather than counting calories.

A New Approach to Wellness

Burke’s fitness philosophy has evolved significantly over the years. She now embraces intermittent fasting with intention and enjoys flavorful, nutritious meals. “It’s a different way of approaching wellness. Different than when I was in my 20s. It’s better, and it’s more fun, and it’s more flavorful,” she reflected.

This holistic approach to fitness and wellness aims to help women over 50 navigate the physical challenges of aging while maintaining a strong, healthy body. Burke’s message is clear: eat well, lift weights, and enjoy the journey.

In summary, Brooke Burke’s advice for women over 50 is to incorporate heavy weights into their workout routines and focus on nutrient-dense diets. This approach not only improves physical strength and bone health but also enhances overall well-being and energy levels. Burke’s fitness journey serves as an inspiring example of how women can adapt and thrive at any age.

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