“Why Australians Love Going Barefoot: The Cultural Trend You Need to Know About!”

Australians Embrace Barefoot Lifestyle, Viral Video Highlights Trend

Australians and New Zealanders commonly go barefoot in various settings, from errands and playgrounds to pubs and even schools. This practice, noted by New York Times writer Seth Kugel, can surprise visitors. In Perth, an elementary school supports going shoeless, citing benefits like improved posture and sensory awareness, though podiatrists are skeptical.

The barefoot trend may stem from Indigenous influences, a relaxed lifestyle, or a desire to embrace the warmer climate, shedding the formality of colder regions. Cultural research professor David Rowe suggests it reflects a celebration of the sun and a casual way of life.

British expat Jordana Gray initially found barefoot driving in Australia unusual, even thinking it illegal. Now, she appreciates the freedom it offers, despite the need to check the pavement’s heat. In a viral TikTok video, she humorously noted the practice of leaving shoes at the beach, though comments revealed common incidents of shoe theft. A practical tip from locals: wear cheap shoes to the beach to avoid loss and enjoy going barefoot.

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