Ravi Speaks:-Bangalore Flooded With Heavy Rains-2022.

Bangalore rainsBangalore floods due to torrential rains

Ravi speaks:

Published on 19.09.2022.

Bangalore Flooded With Heavy Rains-2022.

After 42 years, such torrential rains caused a havoc in silicon city just last fortnight. The normal functioning came to a standstill. Offices were partially closed and the IT sector got a real jerk in its normal functioning. Water had entered the residential as well as official buildings, especially in the low-lying areas of Bangalore. Schools were closed down and the even the CEOs of the technical hub had to ride on tractors to reach their place of work. Main roads were inundated with floods and the high-profile cars and vehicles were literally submerged in the flooded roads. A scene nobody would like to see any time. The so-called Silicon Valley of India had gone under the thick layer of water lakes and ponds. The biggest lesson should have been learnt by the municipality section to improve upon the infrastructures so that any such eventuality is met with successfully in the future.

Following are the main headlines from print media for the Bangalore heavy rains episode-which made the silicon city totally submerged in the heavy flood like situation:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQbC39MOkPQ[/embedyt]

Finally, here above is this brief video explaining the whole Bangalore -Heavy rains episode in details and visuals.


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