“NASA’s Suborbital Flights: Redefining Travel – Reach Anywhere in 2 Hours!

Suborbital Flights That Can Take You Anywhere On Earth Within 2 Hours Soon – News18

The website article discusses NASA’s plans to revolutionize travel with suborbital flights that could reduce travel time to any corner of the Earth to just two hours. NASA intends to launch the X-59 spacecraft, a ‘Son of Concorde,’ capable of reaching speeds of almost 1,500 km per hour. The suborbital flights aim to utilize the ‘Quiet Supersonic Technology,’ which generates a less disruptive sonic thump instead of the loud sonic boom commonly associated with breaking the sound barrier.

According to the latest reports, the X-59 could potentially reduce travel time from New York to London by about 3 hours and 30 minutes. Furthermore, a flight from London to Sydney, which currently takes 22 hours, may be reduced to just two hours with this technology. These suborbital flights would operate at an impressive speed of 5632 km per hour, offering remarkable time-saving prospects for travelers.

The X-59’s design prevents shockwaves from merging, thereby reducing the loud sonic boom, making it a promising advancement in supersonic travel. The spacecraft is expected to be approximately 100 ft long with a wingspan of 29.5 ft and a height of 14 ft.

If successful, this technology could revolutionize the future of air travel, offering unprecedented speed and efficiency for long-distance journeys. However, it remains to be seen how these plans will be implemented and whether any challenges or safety considerations may arise. Nevertheless, NASA’s suborbital flights hold immense potential for transforming the way people travel around the world.

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