Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand Set for Success: Experts Weigh In


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is on the brink of launching her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. Although the brand hasn’t officially hit the market, it has already garnered significant attention and excitement. Meghan’s strategic marketing moves have set the stage for a highly anticipated launch.

In March, Meghan re-entered the Instagram world, using the platform to announce her new venture. A charming video featuring Meghan picking flowers and cooking, set to Nancy Wilson’s “I Wish You Love,” marked the brand’s Instagram debut. The account’s bio, simply stating “by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex⁣⁣⁣” and “Established in 2024,” along with the minimalistic posts, has piqued fans’ curiosity.

A Strategic and Minimal Launch

American Riviera Orchard’s website mirrors its Instagram presence, offering little beyond the brand’s logo and a subscription form for updates. Despite the scarcity of information, reports suggest the brand will offer home, garden, and lifestyle products, including cookbooks, food items, and kitchenware.

Meghan’s subtle approach to the launch, such as sending personalized jars of strawberry jam to influencers like Chrissy Teigen and Abigail Spencer, has been praised by public relations experts. Lucinda Pikkat, an Australian PR consultant, noted that Meghan’s method of quietly building excitement is both strategic and effective.

“We forget that it’s been almost four and a half years since they exited the royal family,” Pikkat said. “This is Meghan’s time to rebuild her brand.”

Re-entering the Lifestyle Space

Meghan is no stranger to the lifestyle sector. She previously ran a successful blog, The Tig, which focused on travel, food, fashion, and fitness. The blog, which she shut down in 2017, highlighted her passion for lifestyle content and female empowerment.

Celebrity publicist Waylon Tate emphasized the importance of Meghan launching her brand independently, highlighting the personal touch she brings to American Riviera Orchard. “This is the emancipation of Meghan. It is her saying: ‘I am a smart, savvy businesswoman. And here’s an introduction to my family on my terms,'” Tate stated.

Fans have eagerly awaited more details, with many expressing their enthusiasm on social media. One fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “I can’t wait to see what else Meghan has for us on her American Riviera Orchard website. My money is ready.”

Building Anticipation and Overcoming Criticism

Despite the excitement, American Riviera Orchard has faced some criticism. Allegations of the brand struggling to find a CEO and comparisons with Buckingham Palace’s own strawberry jam have stirred controversy. However, Pikkat sees these comparisons as beneficial, creating a buzz that ultimately serves both Meghan’s brand and the royal family’s products.

The Duchess and her husband, Prince Harry, continue to redefine their public personas. Their upcoming Netflix projects, including a cooking series by Meghan, are expected to feature products from American Riviera Orchard, further blending their personal lives with their professional ventures.

Poised for Success

PR experts believe Meghan’s brand is positioned to become a major player in the lifestyle market. Tate pointed out that consumers are buying into Meghan’s lifestyle, not just her products. “We’ll see when this launches, but to my understanding, the business is germane to who she is as an all-American girl,” he said.

Pikkat compared American Riviera Orchard’s potential success to that of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, valued at $250 million. She praised Meghan’s slow and intentional rollout, suggesting it reflects her confidence in her audience.

“If she were to launch a huge brand with multiple products, I think that would dilute the intention and authenticity around what she’s trying to do,” Pikkat explained.

As anticipation builds, Meghan’s strategic approach and the public’s fascination with her post-royal life suggest that American Riviera Orchard is destined for success. The Independent has reached out to Meghan’s representatives for further comments.

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