“Masaba Gupta: Beyond the Legacy – Her Inspiring Journey”

The Amazing Story of Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta, the daughter of Neena Gupta and cricket legend Vivian Richards, clarified misconceptions regarding her wealth in a recent interview. People often assumed she inherited “hundreds of crores” from her famous father, but Masaba emphasized that she is building her wealth independently. She discussed the influence of her parents’ success on her own aspirations, appreciating them as role models.

Masaba also shared her brief tennis career, revealing that her father, Richards, dreamed of her becoming a tennis star. Despite reaching the third position in Maharashtra, she abandoned tennis due to anger issues. However, her father’s support ensured she had the best tennis outfits imported from London.

In a heartwarming tribute to her father’s cricket philosophy, she mentioned how she applied his “hitting the gaps” theory to her business. This ideology of precision and instinct served as an inspiration in her entrepreneurial journey.

Masaba’s interview delved into her aspiration to become an actor, which her mother initially discouraged due to her unconventional looks. Despite enrolling in Anupam Kher’s acting school, her career path eventually led her to become a fashion designer. She also touched upon her failed marriage, career, and her role as the founder of House Of Masaba, where she debuted as an actress in the Netflix show “Masaba Masaba” in 2020.

Masaba Gupta’s story highlights her determination to carve her own path, despite the shadow of her famous parents, and her continuous evolution as an entrepreneur and artist.

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