“Royal Rumors: Kim Kardashian Joins the Banter Over Kate Middleton Controversy”

Kim Kardashian Appears to Joke About Finding Kate Middleton

In the realm of current chatter, Kim Kardashian playfully hints at her quest for Kate Middleton amid a swirl of photographic commotion.

It seems the SKIMS entrepreneur has dived into the ongoing discourse surrounding the Duchess of Cambridge, who’s presently on a break from public duties as she convalesces from surgery, while simultaneously being embroiled in a controversy over a recently circulated manipulated official portrait.

Recently, Kim shared a series of images, one featuring her beside a vehicle, on her Instagram. The caption reads, “En route to track down Kate.”

The Kardashian luminary, sporting blonde locks in the snapshots after a recent public appearance with brunette hair, has previously faced allegations of digitally altering her photos. Her post garnered over 500,000 likes, with her sister Khloe Kardashian chiming in, “On my way to unearth the secret of your towering height.” Another commenter jests, “Is Kimmy… teasing Kate Middleton?” accompanied by a string of laughing emojis.

Kim joins the ranks of celebrities jesting at the princess amidst the swirl of rumors and conspiracy theories that have circulated in recent weeks during her absence. These were further stoked when prominent photo and news agencies pulled an edited image of Kate, released by Kensington Palace on March 10, from their archives. The agencies cited editorial discrepancies with the photo, the first official image of the princess since her surgery announcement in January.

Following this, the Palace issued a statement attributed to Kate, expressing, “Like many amateurs in photography, I sometimes dabble in editing. I want to extend my apologies for any confusion caused by the family portrait we shared yesterday.”

Subsequently, Blake Lively appeared to jest at Kate’s expense by sharing an edited image of herself lounging by a pool with one of her Betty Buzz drinks. “I’m thrilled to unveil this fresh photo I just snapped,” quipped the Gossip Girl star in her Instagram post on March 15, later adding, “Now you understand my absence.”

Prior to this, during an event in Zutphen, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands humorously referenced the photo controversy when a young girl mentioned owning a photo of him and his family. His retort: “At least I didn’t photoshop it.”

The photo turmoil and Kate’s retreat from public duties, which her spokesperson reiterated on February 29 would extend beyond the Easter holiday on March 31, have also become fodder for late-night talk show banter and jests.

Stephen Colbert remarked on The Late Show on March 12 about “the realm being all abuzz by Kate Middleton’s seeming disappearance.” Similarly, on the same day, John Oliver shared his musings on the subject on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“I was out. I thought ‘Let’s all just ignore this, we’ve moved on,’ until the Photoshop thing,” quipped the British-born host of Last Week Tonight. “Feels like you’re almost handling it badly in an impressive way at this point.”

He added, “There’s a non-zero chance she passed away 18 months ago. They might be Weekend at Bernie’s-ing this situation,” before clarifying, “I’m not asserting it happened! I’m just saying there’s a non-zero chance. Until proven otherwise. Until you spot her with a copy of the day’s paper.”

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