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Article updated on 30.06.2022.


It is perhaps after two and a half years that I saw a movie in the freshly opened theatres after the long gap of lockdown. I have tried to give the picture and the feelings of reopening of revenue-spinning functional units which help the country in its economic growth by providing entertainment of unique nature. Interesting read.



My feelings in no way match with the old gentlemen who when asked regarding the opening of the theatres especially after the lockdown-replied the following (being reproduced verbatim):-

“Is this so very important to you, my child? Touch your heart and ask yourself and get the answer. In the name of entertainment, most jokers in Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood, and all the woods have made their money and enjoying their lives lavishly. We, the crazy audience, are remaining where we are, not moved an inch for our betterment. Many of us have moved backward. Let’s sincerely apply our minds and choose what is good for our healthy living, and uplift ourselves spiritually. God bless you.”

Completely in contrast to the above observation, here is yet another one from Stanford-which shows the earnestness of the theatre lovers to be there to see the movie in the theatre at the earliest. Following was the statement given by Pajjwal from Stanford:-

“The Film lovers across India are waiting desperately for an announcement regarding the opening of theaters after the lockdown ends. In the Corona outbreak Virus, the Indian government has called for a national lockdown for 21 days and thus men and women were bound to stay at home themselves. It is a common practice everywhere in India to go far a movie on the weekend. Now that the Theaters have been closed; everyone is waiting for entertainment at least after the lockdown. It is to be seen whether the Central Government gives a notice towards it.”

People say that the Movie Industry is saying that this lockdown might go further up to May 1 and up to that point we may not expect that state-run administrations should permit theaters to open. Some say even after May 1, there are high possibilities that the pandemic spreads through mass get-togethers and, hence, states might consider different decisions or rules about theaters. Things happened earlier to 1st May and here we are with the new releases in the theatres happening now instead of the OTT premiers earlier.

Before the theatres were opened, people were having the following very strong thinking-“If, at all, theaters open for the general population after facilitating lockdown, maintenance costs would cost a bomb for theater proprietors who need to screen the crowd and keep up with social separating between watchers. These actions just make an enormous misfortune in income alarming the makers! Makers might think long and hard about opening theaters.” Now look all such thinking has been sidelined and people have thronged in high numbers at the theatres.

In China, as of late they have opened the Theaters by diminishing the inhabitance to a 25% limit of the Theater. To assume on the off chance that the Theater has 350 seats, presently it needs to permit simply 85 individuals to watch the film.

There has been a very big loss to the film industry also during the Lockdown period.  Data shows that – “COVID erased 80% of Indian cinema revenue”. For Bollywood-India’s $2.5 billion Hindi-language entertainment world in Mumbai-the outcome of a significant studio film relies upon in-theater crowds, which produce the main part of a film’s income. Bollywood fans say that the business’ melodic dramas, typically three hours in a term, are best seen mutually singing, snickering, applauding, and crying close by others in the film.

It was very pleasant news to hear that the theatres have been allowed to open and operate, especially in my area of Gurugram.

INOX Theatres
INOX Theatres


People who had been addicted to the smart TV programs and especially the OTT stuff also heaved a sigh of relief after listening to the theatre opening. All transactions are mandatorily cashless. If you book your ticket on the spot, a special QR code can be scanned at the box office, through which you can pay for your ticket. While paperless tickets were an option earlier, now they are all paperless, to ensure minimum physical contact.

Finally, looking at such developments, my children also stressed upon me and my wife to see the latest release in theatre-“Gangubhai Kathiawadi”.Finally, it was after so many years that I was again seeing a movie in a theatre. Importantly, it was that special INOX of Gurugram-where I am living. Late in the night at around 10.40 PM, we all went to the nearby INOX theatre and I was experiencing a very pleasant feeling since I was going to the theatre after almost two and a half years. Yes, during these years, the dreaded COVID phase came and the two terms of lockdown also restricted the movement completely.

Out of 626- INOX theatres in the entire country, our Gurugram theatre was one of the best as reported by the press. One of the best cinematic experience places. In the heart of Outer Gurgaon, INOX gives the best experience of the city and cinemas. The ambiance is very good. It is situated inside the Holiday Inn hotel building of sector-90. They say almost 1.50 lacs of people see the INOX daily in the country which is just next to PVR which has 845 theatres and 1.80 lacs of people see the PVR movies in one day.

We had almost forgotten the special experience which one gets inside the theatre along with the stereo-phonic sounds around. It gave an authentic feeling while see this memorable historic piece made very delicately by Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

I liked the movie very much, and the characters played one and all had given their best performances. Alia had given altogether a different level of performance-which, to date, she had not shown in her earlier movies. I realized one thing as to how much a director plays his role in making the character a strong or weak one. Bhansali has given Alia a powerful push towards the next level of acting, and I liked her role very much. Let me restrict my write-up to the opening of theatres and the bigger changes this action would bring about, even in the real push-up to the national revenue collection.

Although the number of people inside the theatre was hardly 20%-25% there were reasons for it. The show was the last one which ended at 2.00 AM and secondly, people still had not openly started going to the theatres-which, of course, would take some time to come back to the earlier times. An excellent move by the government. Here is the movie review by one moviegoer who had come to the news and explains in simpler terms public feeling about the movie:-

One of the best cinematic experience places. In the heart of Old Gurgaon, INOX gives the best experience of the city and cinemas. The ambiance is very good.

Solely for the ending speech on Azad maidan by Gangubai ️ and the message it gives out


Except for a few flaws and a few scenes here and there, the movie is great. Don’t believe all these paid fake reviews and both reviews which are extremely disrespectful to the creators of the movie! It’s easy to write a critical review even without watching the movie in the name of “nepotism “. Half of these people don’t even know how to pronounce it properly. Certain actors and directors trust their choices and know the project is quality without even watching it. Alia Bhatt is one and Sanjay Leela Bhansali is someone who stands at the top in that category. So yes, go ahead, watch it and feel the true essence of cinema, an astounding one after several Bollywood face falls. Coming to the film, every frame of the film grabs your attention and holds it till the end. The hard work of SLB and the team is seen. The background score of the film is just fantastic. Coming to the performances, I think we already have the winner of the best actor (female). She has completely transformed herself into a character. The cameos were also praiseworthy and impactful. Overall, this is a great film with even greater performances. Vijay Raz acting is superb..wanted more of him and so is Ajay’s. There were many problems in Gangubai’s life and she faced every problem in her life with great courage. I admire her courage, and Alia Bhatt, who played her in reality, has played her character very well. As if I could know one.🙂 If seen, we get to learn a lot from this movie. If any person wants to learn something, then this movie has impressed me a lot. Would like to thank you very much. It teaches if one has courage, one can do anything. From meeting Goons to Meeting the Prime Minister of the country, it’s all courage and a will to do so something towards what one wants. Gangu Bai will make you cry, touch, and leave you in awe. You know it’s a masterpiece when you cry and smile at the same time. Few dialogues were so connectable. Just superb acting by Jim and Shantanu is also fabulous.

For all the women out there, watch it out.

For all the men out there, learn it out.

Must watch for all teenagers and adults


10/10 for the courage, and the message❤️❤️❤️❤️




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