“Tea Tales: Dolly Chaiwala’s Serendipitous Encounter with Bill Gates”

Didn’t recognise him…’: Dolly Chaiwala on serving tea to billionaire Bill Gates | Mint

Dolly Chaiwala harbors a fervent wish to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The cyberspace buzzed with excitement as a video featuring Dolly Chaiwala, proprietor of a tea stall, surfaced, capturing the moment when he handed a cup of tea to the billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. What makes this anecdote intriguing is Dolly’s revelation that he remained oblivious to Gates’ identity until the footage garnered widespread attention.

During an interview with the news agency ANI, the tea vendor confessed that he initially perceived Gates as a regular foreigner.

In his own words, “I was completely unaware; I simply assumed he hailed from overseas and felt compelled to offer him tea. I had no inkling whatsoever. It was only the next day, upon my return to Nagpur, that I stumbled upon ‘Whom did I serve tea to?'” reminisced Dolly.

Furthermore, Dolly recounted his encounter with Gates, citing his inspiration drawn from watching South Indian films. Additionally, he expressed his aspiration to serve tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“He (Bill Gates) remarked, ‘Wow, Dolly ki Chai.’ We barely exchanged words; he stood beside me while I diligently attended to my tasks. He appreciated my tea,” recounted Dolly.

“I derive inspiration from South Indian cinema… Today, I feel like ‘Nagpur’s Dolly Chaiwala.’ In the future, I aspire to offer tea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi…” he added.

Bill Gates’ Tea Time Chronicles at Dolly Chaiwala’s Stall

Gates took to Instagram on Thursday to share a video of himself relishing tea at Dolly Chaiwala’s stall. The video commences with Bill Gates eagerly requesting, “One Chai Please.”

“In India, innovation permeates every aspect—even in the crafting of a humble cup of tea!,” Gates captioned the video, which has already amassed over 40 lakh likes.

The video, shot in Hyderabad, features Dolly preparing tea in his distinctive style, unaware of Gates’ presence. Since its viral surge, Dolly has found himself basking in unparalleled attention and adulation.

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