“California Bill Aims to Ban Synthetic Food Dyes in Schools: Protecting Children’s Health”

California state Democrat introduces ban on artificial dyes in foods served in schools

The article discusses a proposed California bill, Assembly Bill 2316, aiming to ban synthetic food dyes from public school foods due to their alleged links to health issues like cancer and behavioral problems in children. The bill targets six specific synthetic food dyes: Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Red 40, Yellow 5, and Yellow 6, commonly found in various foods like ice cream, candy, and baked goods. Additionally, the bill would prohibit the use of Titanium Dioxide, a whitening agent, in foods served in public schools. Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel introduced the bill, emphasizing the need to protect children from harmful additives and citing previous studies linking synthetic food dyes to neurobehavioral problems. The bill’s success depends on approval by the Legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom. Notably, a related previous bill by Gabriel, AB 418, targeted specific harmful additives but excluded a ban on Skittles and other foods containing Titanium Dioxide. This previous bill was signed into law last October and is set to take effect in 2027.

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