“Ariana Grande’s Plea for Positivity: Addressing Online Criticism Amidst ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Release”

Ariana Grande: Eternal Sunshine review: perceptive post-divorce album is nearly spotless | Ariana Grande

Amidst the buzz surrounding the release of her latest album “Eternal Sunshine,” Ariana Grande took to Instagram to address a concerning trend among her fans: online attacks. Grande, disheartened by the wave of negativity aimed at individuals in her life, emphasized that such actions contradict the support she seeks from her audience.

In a heartfelt Instagram Story shared on Saturday afternoon (March 9), Grande expressed her disappointment, urging fans to reconsider their approach. She conveyed that the essence of her music, despite touching on poignant experiences, is rooted in profound love. Hence, she implored her followers to perceive this underlying theme rather than resorting to criticism and hostility.

Grande concluded her message with gratitude and affection, signifying her appreciation for genuine support amidst personal and artistic endeavors.

The introspective nature of “Eternal Sunshine,” exploring themes of relationships and personal evolution, arrives following Grande’s well-publicized romantic journey in 2023, marked by a divorce from Dalton Gomez and a new romance with Ethan Slater. The album, Grande’s seventh studio release, follows the success of her previous chart-topper “Positions.”

In a testament to her enduring popularity, “Eternal Sunshine” shattered streaming records on its debut day in 2024. Grande’s musical prowess will further grace screens as she takes the stage as the musical guest on the upcoming episode of SNL, hosted by Josh Brolin.

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