Alia Bhatt Shines in Action-Packed Thriller ‘Heart of Stone’ alongside Gal Gadot!

Heart of Stone Review: Alia Bhatt & Gal Gadot keep you hooked

The Netflix film “Heart of Stone” centers on a powerful AI-fueled weapon capable of chaos and panic. Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt star in this female-led action movie. While Gadot’s performance is commendable, Bhatt steals moments with her portrayal of Keya Dhawan, a hacker with a vital connection to the AI weapon. The film showcases three kickass female agents working for a global peacekeeping agency, facing off against Dhawan. The multiracial sorority among the women adds sparkle to the plot.

Despite the familiar genre elements, the film introduces some freshness by placing women in the heart of action. The story spans various locations, incorporating high-stakes missions and well-mounted stunts. The film’s cinematography, carried out by George Steel, impresses with its quality and impact.

However, “Heart of Stone” falls back on certain overused tropes, diluting its potential impact. The film’s central theme revolves around power, control, and dominance, examining their effects on individuals. Alia Bhatt’s performance as Dhawan is poised and convincing, though the movie overall feels slightly unfulfilled considering its promising elements. The blend of action, intrigue, and the dynamics between the leads contributes to the film’s smart genre execution.

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