“Unlocking Appetite Control: Metformin’s Role Revealed 🍽️

Metformin Tied to Production of “Anti-Hunger” Molecule | Technology Networks

Trinity College Dublin, in collaboration with Princeton and Harvard Medical School researchers, conducted a study published in Nature Metabolism, unveiling novel insights into natural appetite control. They found that Metformin, a diabetes medication, and solid foods elevate Lac-Phe, a hunger-reducing factor, whereas sugary drinks have minimal effect. The study sheds light on the link between obesity and type-2 diabetes, emphasizing the escalating global health concern. Metformin’s mechanism, often hailed as a “wonder drug,” was previously unclear, but the research indicates its role in boosting Lac-Phe levels, offering promise for targeted anti-obesity treatments. Barry Scott, a Ph.D. Candidate at Trinity, highlighted the potential impact of the findings, emphasizing Metformin’s widespread use and safety. Additionally, the study emphasizes the significance of diet composition in Lac-Phe regulation, with sugar-rich foods triggering substantial Lac-Phe increases, potentially contributing to obesity. This research underscores the importance of understanding appetite regulation in combating the obesity epidemic and hints at the prospect of developing new anti-obesity medications.

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