“Unlock Italy’s Hidden Gems: Insider Tips from Local Experts 🇮🇹”

Many Italian Americans trace their ancestry to Southern Italy’s Calabria, and if you want to visit, … [+]GETTY

The article discusses how to travel to Italy like an insider by relying on local experts rather than generalized advice. Larry Olmsted, an experienced travel journalist, emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from specialists who live in Italy and have in-depth knowledge of specific regions and activities.

Olmsted criticizes the common practice among American travelers of relying on secondhand advice from friends or vague recommendations. He stresses the value of consulting with experts who can provide personalized recommendations for accommodations, dining, and sightseeing based on individual preferences and interests.

Several local travel companies are highlighted for their expertise in different regions of Italy. For instance, My Bella Vita specializes in planning trips to Southern Italy, particularly Calabria, offering customized experiences such as foodie and ancestry tours. Tourissimo focuses on active travel experiences like cycling and hiking, with an emphasis on authentic, off-the-beaten-path experiences.

The article also mentions the importance of utilizing luxury travel advisors and destination management companies (DMCs) like Imago Artis Travel and IC Bellagio, which provide tailored services and insider access to exclusive experiences.

Overall, the key takeaway is that to truly experience Italy like an insider, it’s essential to seek guidance from local experts who can offer personalized recommendations and access to unique experiences tailored to individual preferences.

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