“Empower Your Cancer Journey: Boost Survival Odds with Muscle Mass” 🌟

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Research from the UK indicates that roughly a quarter of patients succumb to the aggressive chemicals of chemotherapy and the intrusive procedures, often entailing organ removal.

Nonetheless, a specialist proposes a measure to enhance the odds of survival.

Dr. Lauren Yancey, an ophthalmologist at the Georgia Vision Institute, renowned for her investigations into cancer-related vision impairments, delineates a single practice that can fortify the body pre-treatment, significantly elevating survival prospects.

‘What’s the most effective strategy against cancer?’ she queries in a TikTok post, garnering five million views. ‘It’s the muscle mass.’

Drawing from her practice, Dr. Yancey observes that upon cancer diagnosis, individuals seek proactive approaches that might influence their prognosis positively.

‘Here’s my top advice for enhancing cancer survival, acknowledging the prevalent risk we all face in our lifetimes.

‘Prior to commencing cancer treatment, robust muscle mass is paramount.

‘Chemotherapy agents deplete skeletal muscle. Commencing treatment with inadequate muscle mass puts you at a disadvantage.

Studies indicate that a quarter of cancer patients succumb to treatment side effects, with depleted muscle mass being a leading cause.

YouTuber Alivia D’Andrea Shares How Her Transformation Had Unforeseen Consequences 206 viewing now ‘Building muscle not only enhances everyday functioning but could serve as a lifeline during cancer treatment.

‘Our focus should be on robust health and vitality…for strength embodies wellness.’

A 2021 study in the Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network underscores the correlation between muscle mass, advanced cancer survival, and symptom management.

Experts advocate for ample muscle for posture, balance, power, and overall strength.

Enhanced muscle mass not only fosters independence but also promotes physical activity, a cornerstone of a resilient immune system.

In addition to augmenting protein intake, cancer specialists recommend engaging in weight-bearing exercises like lifting weights or performing press-ups regularly.

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