“David Beckham Sues Mark Wahlberg: Behind the F45 Training Fallout”

David Beckham suing Mark Wahlberg for $10 million over F45 Training deal

David Beckham is suing Mark Wahlberg and associates over alleged losses stemming from a failed brand deal with F45 Training, a fitness chain. Beckham’s firm claims he lost $10 million due to withheld stocks promised to him, resulting in financial harm. The lawsuit targets Wahlberg, his investment group, and F45 founders. Beckham, initially drawn to F45 by Wahlberg, became a global ambassador for the brand. However, his promotional posts have been removed. Wahlberg’s defense seeks dismissal, alleging Beckham’s lawsuit lacks merit and places blame elsewhere. The two celebrities had become acquainted in 2007, and Wahlberg acquired a stake in F45 through his investment firm in 2019. Beckham’s prior attempt to sue alongside Greg Norman was dismissed, leading to this individual lawsuit. Beckham’s earlier endorsement of F45, credited to Wahlberg’s influence, contrasts with his current legal action against Wahlberg and others involved.

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