Coffee-A Must.

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UPDATED ON 26.06.2022.

Coffee-A Must

Oomph is the intricate inner feeling of that touch of power, unexplained yet real, that comes with the drinking of coffee”

I am reminded of the old days when I used to go with my uncle near Regal Theatre of Srinagar and there at the end of the Residency road; I had to go upstairs to the known Coffee House of Srinagar. Those days, my uncle would almost daily in the afternoon go there and meet his closest friends and spend his hours of the latter part of the day with them. This time was a genuine attraction and charm for him. His friends were the real mix of professors, Bank employees, and above all the people from his selling profession of Pharma. Later, when I grew older and went to other parts of the country, this attraction of going to a coffeehouse or Indian Coffee House remained with me as well. There were certain places where I used to contact my colleagues in the Coffee Homes only and even have my small meetings. I am reminded of places like Raipur, Gwalior, and mainly Delhi where most of our meetings with the first-tier managers would be held at the Coffee Houses only.


Now there is a drastic change and most such meetings are not allowed in the Coffee Homes at most the places. The real fascination for coffee has increased instead,, manifold now with times. What is the attraction of being a passionate coffee drinker? I think I’ve broken it down for three reasons. At first, it’s a great taste of coffee. The second reason is that drinking coffee is a social factor that it provides, and the third reason is that coffee gives us time to focus on our lives. I know most readers can feel their eyes rolling, but actually drinking coffee also gives us some time to refocus on our lives.

Drinking a cup of coffee alone gives us a few minutes of relaxation from this fast-paced world. This is a great opportunity to look back on our past, present, and future. It may be time to choose to make life-changing decisions, decisions, such as changing jobs, getting married, or giving birth. The ecstatic feeling is a complex inner sensation of an unexplained but true touch of power and taste that you get from drinking coffee.


Following are some of the most famous Coffee Restaurants in India: –

G-Shot Coffee Roastery & Cafe–Goa. 

Curious Life Coffee Roasters–Jaipur. 

Third Wave Coffee Roasters–Bangalore.

Coffee Culture–Mumbai. 

Chamiers – Chennai.

United Coffee House – Delhi.

The Flying Squirrel – Bangalore.

Mocha Art Café – Kochi.

In Delhi, for almost two decades,decades, all our regional meetings of the field force would happen in either the Coffee Home or the Indian Coffee House. That way,way, the meeting point or any scheduled activity would also be fixed at this spot. Likewise, in Gwalior-where the Indian Coffee House was very near the Railway Station, It used to be the attraction for most of the pharma houses for the small meetings. In the same way,way, I remember all my managerial meetings would be held at Raipur in the Coffee House-which was also very ideally situated for the field visits as well.


Regular coffee quickly becomes a thing of the past. It’s now easier to prepare hot, gourmet drinks just for your guests, your family, or just yourself. Today, there are many coffee clubs and circles where drinking coffee is a social club. These social clubs meet in the community or on the internet.

Where did the good old days go when all had only ordinary, excellent coffee? This is because coffee is very popular these days. People now mostly respect coffee beans. People can enjoy the thrill of ordering and buying specialty coffee at specialty stores. They like to grind their coffeebeans.


There is a variety of coffee available. Here are just a few of them: Latte, Espresso, LowFat, Organic, Cal, Decaf, Half Decaf, Black Forest, Cappuccino, Cafe au lait, Alpine Brown Sugar, Arab (lightly seasoned, unfiltered), Cafe Con Miel (Spanish for coffee with honey) and Cafe de Olla (sweet coffee with chocolate).

There are mainly two types of coffee highly used, which I know for sure are very much in demand in India. It is a cappuccino or espresso.

Cappuccino started in Italy and is still part of Morning routine today. Italians can distinguish between tourists and locals, as only tourists order a cappuccino after noon. Though considered a morning drink in Italy, it is served all day in other parts of the world.


The word espresso comes from the Italian word for expression or quickness, but espresso or freshly brewed coffee needs to go through a process before you can enjoy the freshly brewed taste. Is a misnomer.

To make a good espresso, you need to start with a suitable type of coffee that needs to be ground properly. An excellent espresso machine operated by a skilled barista can deliver heavenly flavored espresso. The quality of espresso can be judged only by the scent. Coffee drinkers who are serious about making good espresso should invest in a good espresso machine. Great espresso machines come in a variety of brands, sizes, and prices. You don’t have to spend more to buy a good espresso machine because you have a good espresso machine at a reasonable price. When preparing your espresso, always remember to turn on your espresso machine and heat it properly. Facilities that order espresso early do not turn off the machine to ensure proper heating for each espresso order.


Drinking espresso has become a lifestyle for most people, especially those who have a busy schedule, and drink freshly brewed espresso or coffee. Coffee is so popular that it is believed to be a popular drink alongside the water. The entire world loves excellent coffee, and its annual consumption can reach up to 400 billion cups worldwide. Most enthusiastic coffee and espresso drinkers can drink one or more cups of espresso daily without knowing where this infectious drink came from. This heavenly brew comes from coffee beans sourced from evergreens grown around the world. Evergreens are found in Latin America, Indonesia, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


Most of the Coffee addicts’ favorite Add-on ingredient is ginseng powder. Ginseng is a traditional Chinese herb that is rooted, and American ginseng is preferred over Korean and Chinese ginseng. This herb attracts attention when ingested and is usually taken to strengthen the immune system and body. Ginseng powder is available in natural herbal stores or in capsules. Capsules can be added to coffee if desired.






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