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The summer hotspots in the U.S., based on Kayak’s thorough flight searches:

If you haven’t yet begun concocting your dream summer getaway, now’s the time, as Kayak unveils a delightful revelation: summer flight prices have taken a pleasing plunge. Within the U.S., domestic airfares have gracefully descended by 13 percent, offering travelers a much-needed reprieve from last summer’s exorbitant rates.

But where are eager jet-setters flocking? Kayak has diligently sifted through the troves of data to pinpoint the most sought-after destinations for travel between May 24 and Sept. 3. And lo and behold, the results shed light on the domestic havens capturing hearts this summer, with 10 illustrious U.S. cities gracing the esteemed list.

“These destinations reign supreme in our search queries, emerging as perennial favorites amidst the vast ocean of travel possibilities,” declares the Kayak report.

Sitting proudly atop this prestigious roster is Seattle, a city whose inclusion may raise a collective eyebrow or two, given its past standings. Yet, those in the know understand Seattle’s summertime allure, where the clouds part to reveal a city basking in the warmth of 70-degree days, a far cry from its notorious rainfall. Summer tickets to Seattle fetch an average of $455, securing its position as the second most coveted destination in terms of flight prices.

Trailing behind Seattle is the ever-glamorous Las Vegas, boasting an average flight cost of $396, followed closely by the enchanting Orlando at $328. Meanwhile, the sun-drenched shores of Honolulu claim the title of the most opulent summer retreat, albeit with a lofty average flight price of $780.

While stalwart metropolises like New York City, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles predictably grace the list, it’s the inclusion of unexpected contenders that truly piques interest. Denver, known as a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, claims the sixth spot, with summer flights averaging $346, while the historic charm of Boston secures eighth place, with flights priced at $391.

Without further ado, here’s the definitive lineup of summer hotspots in the U.S., based on Kayak’s thorough flight searches:

Seattle Average summer flight price: $455

Las Vegas Average summer flight price: $396

Orlando Average summer flight price: $328

Honolulu Average summer flight price: $780

New York City Average summer flight price: $378

Denver Average summer flight price: $346

Los Angeles Average summer flight price: $396

Boston Average summer flight price: $391

Miami Average summer flight price: $375

Chicago Average summer flight price: $361

Now, isn’t that a tantalizing lineup to fuel your summer daydreams?

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