Unlock Your Memory Potential: 5 Neuroscience-Backed Tips to Boost Brainpower

Renowned neuroscientist and mental wellness coach, Rachelle Summers, imparts the healthy rituals she advocates for in a recent TikTok video

A neuroscience expert unveils five simple daily practices to ignite your brain’s potential and enhance memory, ranging from ensuring adequate sleep to embracing mindfulness.

The vitality of brain health often takes a back seat despite its paramount importance to overall well-being — safeguarding it can potentially mitigate the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, conditions on the rise.

Renowned neuroscientist and mental wellness coach, Rachelle Summers, imparts the healthy rituals she advocates for in a recent TikTok video.

An estimated 6.7 million Americans aged 65 and above battled Alzheimer’s disease in 2023, as per the Alzheimer’s Association, indicating its impact across generations.

Summers’ insights resurface through a TikTok video she shared last year, shedding light on the healthy routines she advocates.

She recommends aiming for a nightly sleep duration ranging from eight to ten hours.

Despite the CDC’s recommendation of seven hours nightly, many Americans struggle to fulfill this imperative, yet there’s a surge in Gen Z individuals taking their sleep routines seriously.

Exercise A couple engaged in a workout session Aerobic exercises, such as walking, running, or swimming, elevate heart rate and oxygen flow, invigorating the body. Getty Images Summers underscores the significance of maintaining a consistent aerobic exercise regimen.

“Aerobic exercise has been proven to enhance memory across all age groups,” notes Summers.

Such exercises fuel brain activity by facilitating blood flow, thereby supporting its optimal function.

Mindfulness A woman practicing meditation Mindfulness entails anchoring your focus on the present moment, integrating mind and body. Getty Images Summers extols mindfulness as a potent tool for bolstering brain health.

“Mindfulness can augment the thickness of the prefrontal cortex, a brain region crucial for attention and memory,” shares Summers.

She encourages meditation or journaling as effective mindfulness practices.

Brain-Boosting Activities A young boy playing the violin Engaging in activities like learning a new language or mastering a musical instrument can enhance memory prowess. Getty Images “Activities that challenge your brain, such as learning a new language or musical instrument, can amplify memory performance,” asserts Summers.

These activities stimulate the brain, fostering the growth of fresh neural connections.

Retrieval Close-up of high school students using mobile phones Summers advocates for practicing memory recall sans digital aids, a practice that sharpens cognitive abilities. Getty Images/iStockphoto Engaging in memory recall exercises fortifies neural connections, enhancing memory retention, explains Summers.

“Challenge yourself by recalling information without resorting to Google,” advises Summers.

Trivia games offer an entertaining avenue to incorporate this practice into your routine.

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