Luck plays a vital role in one’s life.

 Ravi Speaks:

In my whole life, I feel luck hasn’t been generous enough to me at the crucial times when it mattered the most. I often say “One always finds his destiny on the road unknown to him”. I was thrilled to listen to the Psychologists and professors of the present times also agreeing that luck plays its own role significantly no matter ‘Hard-Labour’ and other such adjectives are there. Just read and listen to this article-I expect you to give your comments at the end of the same.

Article updated:-25.06.2022.

Luck plays a vital role in one’s life.

Good Luck.

You will fully agree-luck plays a vital role.

Anyone would fully agree that the vital factor ‘LUCK’ plays a very significant role in one’s career. If I evaluate myself, I would realize that I had different stages and situations at different ages which I attained right from my earlier childhood till date. Yes, there were the occasions when I required the help-may it be financial, moral, or even the influential one from the people of class and recognition. Had I been fortunate enough to avail of what I call the timely help-I am sure my placement and my surroundings would have been altogether different from the ones in which I am placed now.

It is always the question of comparison that one would naturally like to evaluate.

With anyone at any point in time. So, these rules apply to me as an individual as well. Nobody would like to differentiate me from the richest person or from the Commissioner of the area where I was. Simply because nobody would like to compare my achievements with theirs. So, if I say that one would always be judged by the comparative measures around him and not by the major influencers like time, finance, Influence, and above all luck-which might have given a total reshaping to my existence vis-à-vis the possessions I had gained till date with my all- efforts/hard work and a little of my influence or reach. Here, the hard work of people and good luck of people are the two different aspects to be touched separately. Maybe as a hard-working person, I did justice to my existence but had I been having good luck, which probably I did not have -my plight and picture would have been different. Because it is the vital factor LUCK which would have given me a different direction to follow somewhere in the earlier phase of my life, and that would have changed my scenario differently.

Hard labour mixed with a bright future is an ideal mix.

Hard labor by a person may lead him to a bright future and career but if good luck also shines on the same person throughout, he probably becomes the luckiest to excel in his field and give much more fruitful results as compared to the one reaching his destination with hard labor alone.

The actual story of my life proving how luck


I would like to give a very strong example of my classmates in the class 13th standard in the college-when fifty-six classmates [in 1979] from my class filed a writ petition in the High Court of Jammu-where I along with two more of my classmates who had a higher percentage of marks filed the same writ in the Supreme Court rather than going along with these 56 students in the High Court Jammu. We were told by our Advocate that it would be based on your writ petition results that the High Court would finally follow the same for these 56 writ petitioners. Look at the vital luck factor that the decision came against the Government of J&K State. They were directed by the Apex Court to take the boys as per the merit and they quashed certain selections based on wrong criteria as declared by the Apex Court.

Under normal circumstances, the boys on merit would have easily been picked up for the admission but things went off badly and there was this Contempt of Court notice being sent to the Apex Court from our Advocate for not agreeing to the Court judgment. Meanwhile, the state Government thought the number of candidates who filed the writ in the High court to be higher, gave them the Provisional Admission, and did not quash the admission of the ones pointed out by the Apex Court. See here how the destiny of 56 people changed with one stroke of luck when the Provisional Admission was offered to all the 56 people. Today after exactly 43 years imagine those 56 so-called doctors serving today would have been in a different field had that one step been taken by the authorities no matter the stroke of luck for the ones who filed the writ did not prove to be a successful one. Thus, it is proven beyond doubt that-” One often finds his destiny which is unknown to him”.

‘Professor Barry Schwartz’s video-makes you

realize the truth.

Recently I was listening to this professor Barry Schwartz-where he in very simpler terms was trying to convey that Luck plays a very special role in one’s life and offers timely opportunities to some to even excel more. But the way he beautifully explains the complete expression of good luck and hard labor mixed with the status quotient of a person-that is worth listening to by each one of you, the readers. Following is the exact TED Talk-Video of Barry Schwartz for your ears only: –

Professor Gives Weightage To Opportunities And Luck: –

Psychologist Barry Schwartz says opportunities play a far greater role than we would like to admit. Of course, hard work and following the rules can be very helpful, but the rest can come down to simple luck. Schwartz explores the overlooked relationship between happiness, income, and success and provides an attractive solution for equal opportunity for college admission.

Based on the hard truths of my life-‘This is what I believe.’

Following are my generalized observations based on the hard truths seen in my insignificant life: –

1. Talent was not sufficient because the most talented individuals were rarely the most successful.

2. mediocre-but-lucky people were much more successful than more talented-but-unlucky individuals.

3. The most successful agents were those who were only slightly above average in talent but with a lot of luck in their lives.

4. Also, the most successful agents were mostly at least average in talent.

5. mediocre-but-lucky people were much more successful than more talented-but-unlucky individuals.

6. those with greater talent had a higher probability of increasing their success by exploiting the possibilities offered by luck-if they are lucky enough!

The researchers talk about more

 chances of success.

The researchers argue that the following factors are all important in giving people more chances of success:

a stimulating environment rich in opportunities, an excellent education, intensive training,

An efficient strategy for the distribution of funds and resources.

They argue that, at the macro-level of analysis, any policy that can influence these factors will cause greater collective progress and innovation in society.

Finally, my heartfelt conclusion.

Concluding this small personal analysis-I would rather with a very heavy heart say that after seeing and facing the real hookups and even the luck taking the opposite dive from me at the crucial career developing movements-One who has come here to struggle will struggle and one who has come here to rejoice without his interest even would thrive on the multiple platters which he received as bundles of good luck.

Finally, my grandparents used to say that it was all destined to happen that way-even chronology places all your events in such a manner that your destiny is already made, no matter what you may try to toil hard to change it. It doesn’t mean in any way stopping the efforts as hard labor, which is the basic ingredient needed in one’s career formation and, if vital factor, luck smiles act like a synergistic







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