Ravi Speaks:


I am a freelancer!

Right from the
day I got retired from my active service-which was related to the extensive travel and
field-related assignments- I had one feeling that at least after the retirement I would
in no way be working in a corporate sector office job. I had become
so fed up with this tight private Office culture I wanted to break the shackles of
restrictions around me. I realized that even we as the executives in the private job were more or
less functioning as subdued personalities, always depending upon the whims and fancies of
our bosses-who used to command the orders and we had to fulfill those by hook or
crook and come up to the satisfying levels of our seniors. Because we were taught
right from the beginning that we had to prove to be a profitable proposition to
our organization at every step of our performing duties.

The office atmosphere is full of Dominance and Tension. 

Now, under such
a dominant and commanding atmosphere, how could one be a tension-free person who
otherwise had to prove to be delivering his services in a mode of profit or gain
for his organization-which mainly was a one-man show? In my case, although a
hierarchy of ranks was fixed for anyone to rise in his career-still for proving
myself and my abilities- I had to prove my prowess and strength by sailing triumphantly against the strong turbulent wave of sycophancy. People who knew how to butter
both sides of their boss’s bread got the earlier jumps in their careers to rise. In modern times, such people are known as the smarter guys and those who
put in their best efforts for the betterment of their organization-invariably
have slow-paced growth for the obvious reason. That obvious reason is their
hard-working and associated abilities, for which they are kept on the same track
since their seniors need the continued dividends through their continued

According to my understanding, a freelancer works
in an arrangement with the conditions agreeable to both him and the buyer of his services. Here, the customers are essentially the third party who needed the job
done through their skills. But the freelancer again needs to find his niche within the freelance job market, which is super crucial to
leveraging his time and money and ultimately finding something he would love to do. Freelance skills
are the
abilities that equip individuals to better communicate with companies,
advertise their services, and complete their work for clients efficiently. They usually complete contract work, which is when a
business hires them for a specialized task or service.

FUTURE WORK WOULD BE DONE BY FREELANCERS.So, in very simple words: Freelance
is defined as a working arrangement when a person sells his services to
individual buyers with whom he is not employed.


Some of the most common freelance jobs- are like becoming a writer-may be for a blog, small ad-write ups, or even promotional strategic writing, etc. I also have taken up this writing as my main job and I am sure that I am neither any ‘Ad-writer’ nor a ‘copywriter’ type. But -yes, I am a small story writer who writes purely on his creative ability and the truth in the nonfictional type of writing. I write small write-ups -but only for my satisfaction and satiation. Those small write-ups I send for publication to different magazines and even to my daily website for getting published. I don’t have any affinity that I have to write only for getting money. It is being done only to keep myself busy and I get a lot of satisfaction in doing such work. I have a varied niche in writing as well. It is not restricted only to one form of writing. I write a sometimes critical commentary on certain events and submit my reviews on certain latest researched products since I have been associated with pharma for almost four decades. Such write-ups are given to the fixed magazines that have taken me on their writer’s list. Besides, I have been into Creative Designing for apparel and Affiliate Marketing as a purely freelance participant.

Freelance work can be mutually beneficial for both contractors and employers.

In a recession, employers are benefiting from contractors who offer incredibly low prices and quality work. Currently, freelance work is the equivalent of a real estate “buyer’s market.” Employers outsource tasks to freelancers and pay 75% less than full-time employees. This is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs who have little capital but have ideas that need to be put on the market. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and keyword-rich content are areas where customers can win meaningful business. Employees with the same workload can get over five times as much work with the same workload and advice. Business owners who need to build customers on the Internet have a real advantage in the services offered by freelancers.


Youth openly opting for certain high demand-niches
in the freelancing segment: –

There are many other freelancers like the web-designers or
even digital designers. Since
that niche is the happening of one at present, I have seen many young people opting
for the same. Just yesterday I came across a very young boy of around 21 years
of age who took one of my accommodations on rent. I asked him about
his job profile. He simply said that he was a freelancer and had spent a couple
of years in Mumbai, as well. He was a musician and wanted to settle for a few years
in Delhi and establish his band. I asked him about his native place. He said
that he belonged to Baroda and his parents were settled there. I asked him if
he liked the accommodation. He said that he liked it but he wanted one enormous
room where He could play with his big drums and do the practice session with
his band team. Out of my curiosity, I asked him how much money he would
make out of this. His reply was straightforward and forthright. He said
Uncle; I have not been thinking about the earnings, but yes; I have to prove
myself. He further said that a mere 9-5 PM job would not be giving him anything
so substantial as he would get out of his job liking. My point to
discuss this young boy was the trend of the modern-day.


Freelancing is a choice for 60% of people working independently: –

Whatever your reason, there’s no denying that freelance jobs
are on the rise. In today’s technology-dependent society, there has never been a
better time to get started in freelancing. Just as this young musician
had a clear-cut vision about himself, likewise, you would find very young web designers,
digital masters, and many such people following a similar freelancer’s


Satisfaction-Co-efficient is Very High: –

If someone asks me about my level of satisfaction, then-my clear-cut reply would be in affirmation. I was never that free and
happier as I find myself with my freelancing stance. I feel I could do
better in such an atmosphere as compared to my earlier phase. I have been
keeping myself busy constructively and the productive yield from a
freelancer of my small stature also is quite satisfying.

Besides writing, I am into Affiliate Marketing-which I admit I am very new to that. I am still picking up the tricks of that
trade and it is a very vast subject-which seems to be deep-rooted, and I have developed a special affinity for that.


At ‘62’ I find myself absorbed into my niche with
full liking: –

Finally, I have been doing photoshopping too. This has made
me busy and involved with my apparel design. This sort of digital designing I
have been learning for the past almost five years and to me, it also looks to
be very interesting and I enjoy it as well. Earnings here are very
huge and for a person like me–I have not to bother with the earnings but yes, I
want I get accepted by the masses through my work. I would like to come in a
big way once things would come on track faster and I also complete my initial
training mode. I am happy that when I am 62 still; I am thrilled
to work as a freelancer and am happy to learn new things with high zeal.

If you are unsure how to get started-then first identify
the niche you would love to stick to: –

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking about
going freelance but are a little unsure of how to get started. Before
anything else, you should know which niche you would love to stick to. You
should also check out the ones which I have mentioned above since they are the
ones in demand and most young people opt for them. Looking to the fast
digitization-one should, by all means, try to pick up the tricks of the trade
in the niche like Web-developer, Web-designing, Creative
Digital designing
, and above all program-related coding or
decoding. The future is going to be digital and AI-driven only. Looking at such fields-it is infinite and you can enjoy your life with such a
choice-no doubt.


In ‘Post-Covid-Period’- ‘WFH’ is laying a strong
foundation for Freelancing: 

I strongly feel that looking at the Post Covid scenario-where
most of the people still like to operate from their homes only and even
the companies realize the overall impact of WFH- the strong foundation of
freelancing is already set in. Youth of present times have realized that it is
all up to their potential and extent of working in their type of niche,
especially independently, which would give them a strong
. Growth for everyone in this sort
of atmosphere is endless. Therefore, for the people like us who have already
gone into the Senior citizens category-pursuing this type of freelancing is
surely an accomplishment and I feel proud to be doing that.





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