“Adventures in Wekiwa: Young Explorer Uncovers Venomous Surprise in Grandma’s Yard 🐍”

Florida boy finds venomous snake in Wekiwa Springs yard: ‘Thought it was a stuffed animal’

In the lush backdrop of Wekiwa Springs, Florida, a young adventurer, Angelo Owens, stumbled upon an unexpected encounter with natureβ€”a venomous serpent lurking in his grandmother’s yard. The discovery unfolded as he embarked on a quest for lizards, only to find a four-foot Eastern Diamondback serpent, its length mirroring his own nine-year-old stature.

Captivated by the snake’s seemingly motionless stance behind a shed, Owens initially mistook it for a lifeless stuffed animal. The realization hit when the serpent’s flickering tongue betrayed its live nature. An Eastern Diamondback, a native Floridian, known to span between three to six feet, had made an uninvited entrance into the family’s haven.

Quick to share his serpentine discovery, Owens called upon his family and documented the encounter with a brief TikTok video. Seeking professional assistance to relocate the venomous reptile, the family faced rejection from various services, citing the risks associated with its potent venom.

Enter Bob Cross, a local trapper with a reputation for handling formidable creatures. Cross, familiar with capturing the exotic, speculated on the serpent’s sneaky entrance beneath the sturdy wooden fence surrounding the property.

Anne McGrath, Owen’s grandmother, expressed gratitude that the encounter ended without harm. The family’s plea for help led them to Cross, ensuring the safe removal of the rattlesnake from their yard.

McGrath, reflecting on the potentially fatal outcome had Owen ventured closer, emphasized the gravity of the situation. A single bite could have turned a curious exploration into a tragic event.

Owens, undeterred by the perilous encounter, considers it a tale worth sharing. For him, it marks a first-time rendezvous with a rattlesnake, a story woven into the fabric of his adventurous pursuits.

As the chapter concludes, Cross, the seasoned trapper, pledges to transport the rattlesnake to the Reptile Discovery Center in DeLand. There, the snake’s venom will contribute to the creation of life-saving anti-venom, turning a potentially perilous encounter into a source of protection for others.

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