Embrace Adventure in Sustainable Style with Seam Of Life’s Handcrafted Activewear 🌿🚴‍♂️

Morgan Kurz, owner of Seam of Life, stands with one of her company’s sustainable mountain bike jerseys

In the heart of Steamboat Springs, where the mountains and the Yampa Valley embrace the spirit of outdoor living, Seam Of Life, a dynamic active lifestyle apparel company, thrives. Owned by the talented artisan Morgan Kurz, Seam Of Life stands out in the crowd of outdoor activewear businesses that flood the market.

Morgan Kurz’s commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship sets her apart. Using her expertise in dyeing fabrics and sewing, she crafts merino wool and hemp garments that cater to the diverse needs of those who embrace the great outdoors. Each piece is meticulously handmade in small batches, featuring vibrant colors derived from natural dyes, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

From merino wool mountain bike jerseys to hemp clothing, hoodies, merino neck gaiters, and headbands, Kurz’s creations are tailored to the seasons and the specific requirements of her customers. Her journey into sewing began in 2016, evolving into Seam Of Life after a significant turning point in 2018 when a snowboarding injury forced her to find solace in her craft during the healing process.

The innovation and design of Kurz’s products are a perpetual evolution, driven by customer feedback and her keen observations. Every garment, from merino wool mountain bike jerseys to hoodies, is crafted from scratch, using fabrics dyed naturally with various plants. The resulting colors are steadfast, vibrant, lightfast, and washfast, offering a unique and sustainable alternative to mainstream activewear.

Among Kurz’s favorites are the merino wool mountain bike jerseys, a testament to her passion for the sport and the desire to create something distinct from conventional offerings. The merino-based fabrics she employs are ZQ certified, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to global sustainability standards.

Seam Of Life faces challenges, with Kurz as the sole force driving the creative process. Perfecting designs and navigating the online sales landscape, where customers can’t physically experience the fabrics or try on items, requires ingenuity. However, Kurz envisions a future brick-and-mortar store, fostering a natural, community-based growth where customers can indulge in the tactile experience of trying on custom apparel.

“I like to make things that inspire people to go out on an adventure,” Kurz expressed. “I am offering handmade, local products for people that like to get after it and be active. I feel lucky to be in a place where people are so active and seemingly really conscious of what they consume and what companies they choose to support.”

Experience the craftsmanship of Seam Of Life’s activewear at the Art Depot in Steamboat Springs on Dec. 9 during the Holidays in the Rockies event or conveniently through her website.

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