Unlocking ACG Wonders: Xicheng District’s Cultural Renaissance 🎮🌟 Dive into Anime, Comics, and Games!

Beijing official: Digital entertainment is a lifestyle

The triumph of Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact and Bilibili.com has imparted a profound lesson to Chinese investors: the domain of anime, comics, and video games – colloquially known as “ACG” in China – exceeds their previous estimations.

This revelation might be a catalyst behind the decision of officials and industry insiders to extend the duration of the sub-forum dedicated to panimation – or pan-animation – at the Financial Street Forum in Beijing, concluding on November 10.

As a distinguished guest at the forum, Cen Yundong, deputy head of culture in Beijing’s Xicheng District, shared his reflections on ACG culture in an exclusive interview with CGTN.

Expressing his affinity for the video game Call of Duty and confessing his admiration for Kung Fu Panda, Cen defined panimation as an amalgamation of anime, manga, and diverse sectors such as movies, video games, and esports. He pointed to the global trend of industry convergence.

Cen underscored his understanding of the widespread appeal of ACG culture, considering panimation not just as a form of entertainment but as an elevation, a way of life.

According to Cen, ACG culture encapsulates nearly the entire population and holds substantial potential in the upcoming decade. This recognition fuels the Xicheng District government’s support for enterprises and individuals in creating more ACG works.

Highlighting recent initiatives, he mentioned the district’s inaugural China Anime Week in July and the forthcoming hosting of the nation’s first center for anime intellectual property rights protection.

“All these services, within the confines of a compact district,” he added.

In a spirited invitation, Cen urged ACG enthusiasts worldwide to journey to Xicheng and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of its culture.

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