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Are you a passionate train enthusiast? Perhaps more enthusiastic about trains than the average traveler? If your response is a resounding “yes,” then prepare for a remarkable revelation. The United States government is offering an entire train for purchase, and the cost is surprisingly reasonable.

As initially disclosed by The Autopian, GovDeals, a “liquidation service marketplace” responsible for selling surplus government assets, is presently presenting an EMD F59 PH Locomotive for auction, commencing at a mere $50,000, a sum equivalent to that of a Tesla Model 3.

Per the listing, this locomotive, formerly the property of The Southern California Regional Rail Authority, is situated in Los Angeles. It was decommissioned as part of a governmental cost-saving initiative. Should the potential buyer intend to reactivate the train, it must undergo a process of being “repowered to a Tier 4 or cleaner locomotive engine standard.” Should this path be chosen, Autopian directed attention to Sterling Rail, a provider of a wide array of train components available for sale.

The restoration of this locomotive, as Autopian pointed out, represents a substantial undertaking to get it back on the tracks. However, the website did propose an intriguing alternative: transforming it into a diminutive dwelling.

This is not an entirely preposterous suggestion, especially when considering vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb. They feature several decommissioned trains that have been repurposed into miniature residences. One noteworthy example is the Renovated Train Car Tiny Home Near Smoky Mountains listing. This refurbished troop train kitchen car is situated amidst a family’s floral expanse and incorporates a compact living area, kitchenette, lavatory, and a separate sleeping chamber for lodgers. Moreover, numerous converted trains are available for rent throughout Europe, including the Flying Yorkshireman in the United Kingdom, exuding an unmistakably British charm. This decommissioned Pullman-style railway carriage boasts opulent wooden furnishings, plaid bedding, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, affording guests all the amenities required for a delightful sojourn in the countryside.

Naturally, if you are contemplating the acquisition and restoration of this locomotive from Los Angeles, it is vital to bear in mind the expenses associated with its relocation. However, the prospect of residing in, or extending travelers an exceptional abode, may indeed justify this investment.

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