“Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy: A Healthy Start to Motherhood”

“Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy: A Healthy Start to Motherhood”

Pregnancy is like a long, tough journey for your body, lasting nine months. It’s filled with many physical challenges, like being very tired in the first few months and dealing with breathlessness and back pain later on.

Exercise during pregnancy can help with these issues. But did you know that you can also get your body ready for pregnancy through exercise before you even get pregnant? It’s like training for a sports event. You can do exercises that are specifically good for a pregnant body.

Maura Shirey, who runs a program called Bodies for Birth in Seattle, says that pregnancy, giving birth, and the period after are all like a marathon. If you work on having a strong foundation before you get pregnant, it can make your pregnancy and recovery easier, more energetic, and more comfortable.

If you’ve been exercising regularly before pregnancy, you can continue doing it during pregnancy at a similar level. But if you haven’t been active, you might have to be more cautious because doctors recommend not pushing yourself too hard during pregnancy.

According to experts, starting to prepare your body for pregnancy well in advance, whether it’s six months or six years before, is the best way to go. Trying to start a workout routine during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester when you might feel sick, is really tough.

Dr. Cynthia Gyamfi-Bannerman, an expert in high-risk pregnancies, says that pregnancy is like a test for your body. Being healthy before pregnancy can help prevent many complications.

Here are some exercises recommended by experts to prepare your body for pregnancy:

Deal with any injuries: Make sure you address any ongoing musculoskeletal problems like back pain, hip issues, or sciatica before getting pregnant.

Find a cardio workout: Regular aerobic exercises before pregnancy can create a good foundation. Activities like walking, running, swimming, biking, and dancing are all great choices. Aim for about 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week.

Strengthen your pelvic floor: Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to issues like incontinence. Learning how to engage and relax these muscles correctly before pregnancy can help you manage these challenges.

Strengthen important muscles: Focus on full-body strength training before pregnancy, paying particular attention to your core, glutes, legs, and upper back muscles. Exercises like planks, squats, and rowing movements can help with these areas.

Preparing your body for pregnancy through exercise can make your journey smoother and healthier. It’s like giving your body a head start to handle the physical demands of pregnancy.

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