“Lonely Planet’s Top Travel Picks for 2024: Where to Go Next!”

Lonely Planet’s top places to go in 2024 | CNN

Great news for travel enthusiasts! Lonely Planet, the famous travel guide company, has just revealed its list of the top 50 travel destinations for the upcoming year. They’ve split the list into five categories: top countries, regions, cities, sustainable travel destinations, and best-value locations.

Mongolia takes the crown as the top country to visit in 2024. Known for its vast landscapes, adventure activities, and unique culture, Mongolia is opening its doors to travelers, making it easier to visit with improved infrastructure, including a brand new airport.

Other countries on the top 10 list include Mexico, Croatia, St. Lucia, Benin, and Uzbekistan.

For city lovers, Nairobi in Kenya is the number one pick. It’s praised for its local restaurants, arts and culture venues, and the nearby Nairobi National Park where you can spot over 400 species of wildlife right next to the city.

Paris and Prague also made the city list, with Prague focusing on promoting “slow tourism” and attractions away from the crowded city center.

In terms of sustainability, Spain tops the list due to its efforts in renewable energy and promoting off-season travel. South Africa’s “wild beauty” is also recognized, with a shoutout to its ecolodges protecting biodiversity.

For those mindful of their wallets, the American Midwest is the best-value destination. Cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Detroit offer art studios, eco-friendly hotels, and Michelin-starred restaurants. Algeria is another affordable gem to explore in Northern Africa.

When it comes to regional choices, the Trans Dinarica cycling route in the Western Balkans is a standout, offering a 2,090-mile trail through several countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, and Kosovo. In Ireland’s Donegal, you can find Europe’s highest sea cliffs and miles of coastal hiking trails.

So, whether you’re looking for an adventure in Mongolia, a city escape in Nairobi, or a budget-friendly trip to the Midwest, Lonely Planet’s list has something for everyone. Happy travels!

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